Mamas Move offers up-to-date workshops, classes and education series facilitated by experts in their field.  From Pre baby to Post Baby and onward, we cover it all.

The 4th Trimester- Getting ready to move again!  Learn all everything you need to know to start exercising after baby arrives: how soon to start back, what exercises are safe, how hard should you work out and more!
Infant/Child CPR- Do you know what to do if your little one begins choking or shows signs of not breathing? Learn from a local Norwell firefighter/EMT and get certified in the most important thing you can do for your child- keeping them safe! $35 for members, $40 for non-members.
Diastasis check and exercises to help you regain some core strength included.
The Baby Manual- What’s normal, when to call the pediatrician, immunizations and tests. Growth and developmental milestones. Facilitated by a pediatrician!
Happiest Baby on the Block Seminar: Learn how to comfort your baby based on Dr. Karp’s research: the 5 S’s- Swaddling, Side or Stomach, Shhh, Swinging, and Sucking: An easy way to calm crying babies. DVD and educational information included.
Infant Massage- Learn the importance of touch in your child’s emotional, social and physical development.  Walk away with massage techniques to help soothe dry skin, colic, gas and help nurture sleep. This session recommended for infants up to 5 months.
“Oh Baby, Baby, What shall I feed you?”- One hour nutrition workshop with Yeemay Miller, RD. Learn all you’ll need to know to feed your little one during the first year and beyond. Topics include: breastfeeding, formula feeding, vitamin and mineral recommendations, introducing solids (what, when, how much), introducing table foods, avoiding food allergies, and laying a healthy eating foundation for life.

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