He deserves to relax and rejuvinate as much as you! Need someone to watch the little ones? Check out our Explorazone Drop & Go program.

Papas Hour Sports Massage… $75
Pre or Post Event is designed to prevent injury, help muscles recover with increased range of motion, flexibility    30 min   $50
Papas Hour Deep Tissue Massage…$75 
Sinks into the deeper levels of tissue releasing chronic tension. This technique is NOT hard or hurtful, but restorative to the muscles.
Papas Hour Stress Reduction Massage…$75 
Releases tension and stress stored in the muscles.  Designed to relax and rejuvinate
Papas Hour Myofascial Release Massage…$85
Body Sculpting.  Fascia constricts muscles from being long and lean.  Releases round shoulders, forward neck and hunched over conditions
90-Minute Couples Massage  Private Lesson…$115
Receive 40 minutes  each of 4-hands massage  and lesson specifically designed for you