Practicing prenatal yoga is one of the best things you can do for yourself during this very special time. Prenatal yoga can provide relief for many of the physical discomforts during pregnancy such as swollen joints, indigestion, fatigue and back pain, especially sciatica. Through the physical postures of pregnancy yoga we build strong muscles and endurance as well as increase flexibility and circulation. An important benefit of prenatal yoga is learning breathing techniques that help during labor and delivery. Meditation is of special importance as you bond with your unborn baby, relax your body and focus your mind. A healthy body and calm mind are tools you want to be able to call on during labor, delivery and into motherhood.

4 week Prenatal Yoga series: Feb 2nd- Feb 23rd 11:15-12:15, $60
(can prorate after 1st class)
Wednesdays 7pm- ongoing, punchcard, membership or drop in welcome.

Want to know more about exercising when you’re pregnant?
Working Out for Two РThis comprehensive visit covers all your need-to-know information for exercising during pregnancy: during each trimester, how hard to exercise, when to modify or cut back, and exercises to even help with labor and delivery.  Available by appointment. $65 includes all materials and exercise plan.