Exercise during pregnancy can benefit you and your baby, keeping you healthier and more comfortable during your pregnancy and easing your labor and delivery.  At Mamas Move, we are the leaders in pregnancy fitness with certified prenatal exercise teachers and innovative pregnancy exercises! All of our instructors are experienced and qualified to instruct modifications in prenatal fitness, so pick and choose any class on our schedule and we can modify it for you!

Check out how exercise can benefit you and baby:

  • Enhanced circulation and flexibility
  •  Increased energy, strength, stamina, fitness and muscle control
  •  Reduced discomfort of water retention, tension, stress, depression, and excessive weight gain
  •  Minimized stretch-marks, varicose veins, and abdominal separation
  •  Minimized postpartum depression
  •  Increased relaxation
  •  Improved calcium absorption
  • a healthier baby
  •  In many cases, easier labor and recovery from birth!

Want to know more about exercising while you are pregnant?

Working Out for Two – This comprehensive personal fitness visit covers all your need-to-know information for exercising during pregnancy: during each trimester, how hard to exercise, when to modify or cut back, and exercises to even help with labor and delivery.  Available by appointment. $65 includes all materials and exercise plan.

See our Fitness Class schedule.

We also offer personal fitness training and monitoring throughout your pregnancy to ensure safety for you and baby.

*As with any physical activity, it’s very important to check with your health care provider for any potential limitations of your exercise during pregnancy. If you are joining a pregnancy fitness class in your third trimester please check with instructor prior to taking class.