Losing weight after pregnancy can be a struggle; a new body, a new baby and a whole lot less time for yourself! That’s why you need a postpartum weight loss plan that attacks the extra pounds from all angles: diet, exercise and motivation. Our fun-filled fitness classes and certified postpartum personal trainers will keep you motivated and on track to losing weight after pregnancy. Pick one of our postpartum weight loss programs or customize one to fit your needs and you’ll be losing pregnancy weight before you know it!

Weight Loss After Pregnancy Programs

Core Rehabilitation Meet with Nadine Adams, Physical Therapist,  certified Pilates instructor and master trainer.  Help rebuild your core strength, lose the mama middle, and reduce and restore any issues with diastasis recti- any separation in your abdominal wall.  Visits offered in one-hour or half-hour sessions, as well as duet training with a friend.

Pregnancy Weight Loss and Personal Fitness Training

Get your body back with personal fitness training, targeting your weakest areas and helping you regain your pre-pregnancy shape!  A comprehensive fitness assessment and individualized program included with any package.  FREE CHILDCARE with any training package!

Looking for a boot camp program with camaraderie and all inclusive?  Try our Transformation Boot Camp program.

Or take advantage of our mom and baby fitness classes, and bring baby with you!

Fit Mom and Baby is a great class for mom to regain her strength and to involve baby in the fun!  Perform exercises specifically designed to help your postpartum body recover and incorporate baby into the activity.  From “kiss ups” to “airplane”, this class is great for beginners and experienced exercisers.  Non-mobile babies preferred.