new arrival educators

We are excited to offer Childbirth education and parenting classes with New Arrival Educators!  Owner and director, Margaret Breen, formerly of Isis, has developed this comprehensive, expert led programming to help you as you prepare for your big day and beyond!



ellen's belly small“I was very lucky to take breastfeeding, newborn basics and new mom classes with Margaret and a childbirth class with Cheryl. I feel that these women prepared me to be a better mother to my son: a gift for which I am eternally grateful. Margaret helped prepare me to love and care for my child with step-by-step instructions on feeding and cleaning babies, easy-to-remember tips to soothe crying babies, and shared with me how best to emotionally prepare for motherhood. Her breastfeeding support also started me off on the right foot, and I am still successfully nursing my 7.5 month-old child. Cheryl took all the fear and unknown out of birth, and instead made me feel educated and prepared when labor began. Her tips helped me and my husband get through a 3-day-labor ending in an emergency c-section without any emotional distress – which I feel is huge testament to our instructor.”  B.M.

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