Our 2014 “Late” Fall is now enrolling.

Classes begin Nov 1st!

Holiday Playgroups for Babes & Tots

Join us each week in December for a different, 1-hour specialty playgroup for you and your little one! Think ‘Play & Development Class’ with a festive twist! Each 1 hour class begins with a themed welcome circle, including welcome song, lap bounces, group activity and parachute play. We will then enter the’ learning stations’ portion of the classroom for some hands-on (and sometimes very messy!) discovery and fun.
The class will end with quiet song, a themed story and bubbles.
Babes (6-15 months), Tots (15-36 months)
$20 per class, 10% off for monthly members.
Preregistration is required and of course, highly recommended!

Monday Tuesday Wed Thurs Fri Sat
12/1 12/2 12/3- Gingerbread Mania9:30 Toddlers12:00 BabiesCaitlin M. 12/4-
Gingerbread Mania9:00 BabiesAmy M.
12/5 12/6
Gingerbread Mania9:30 ToddlersCaitlin M.
12/9 12/10-
Winter Wonderland9:30 Toddlers12:00 BabiesCaitlin M.
Winter Wonderland9:00 BabiesAmy M.
12/12 12/13
Winter Wonderland9:30 ToddlersCaitlin M.
12/16 12/17-
Santa’s Little Helpers9:30 Toddlers12:00 BabiesCaitlin M.
Santa’s Little Helpers9:00 BabiesAmy M.
Santa’s Little Helpers9:30 ToddlersCaitlin M.