photo_momandbabyBaby Bliss Yoga
Perfect for babies 6 weeks to sitting.  Take your baby through poses, exercises, song and stretches. This yoga class for baby helps with boding, tummy time, digestion, colic and makes for some very happy babes! Learn ways to soothe your little one when sleepless or uncomfortable. Mamaste!


Baby-musicMusical Movement® Baby (5mos–walker with caregiver)-  Only at Mamas Move will you find this totally integrated lap music class for your little one to learn through music AND movement. Each class will merge the concept of beat, rhythm, pitch, tone and more, with movement patterns like up, down, in, out, slow fast and more. Come dressed to move.

“I loved Musical Movement with my now 10 month old! It was a great class for him as the activities changed every few minutes and he is quite active! I haven’t done music classes elsewhere but have heard that it can be tough for mobile, active babies to sit still for long classes! Thank you, Mamas Move, for understanding that my little one moves!”- happy participant


baby-sitting-upBeans Development Play Class (6-12mos)
Now that your baby is growing and becoming more adventurous, it’s time to introduce new activities to foster their growth and play. Each week discover and discuss your child’s milestones and developments, accompanied by play and activities that compliment the topic.  Facilitated by early childhood development specialist.

baby_signing_please_asl1Baby Sign: Sign Along! (6 mos-15 mos)
Created and instructed by Melissa Breen. Use American Sign Language, music, play and movement in order to enhance communication skills in babies and non-verbal children, as well as strengthen literacy skills in young learners.  This fun class will help you communicate with your little one while easing their stress to let you know how they are feeling and what they need! 

DSC_2068Siblings Development Play Class
(A class for your infant & toddler up to the age of 3)
Do you have a toddler and an infant at home? Are you looking for a class that is fun, safe and developmentally appropriate for both kids, while also offering some support and tips for you? Well, our new sibling class is a must for you!  Bring both of your kiddos to this one hour class, which includes a special sibling circle time, developmental play stations designed for both age groups, and parent discussion time that will help make life with two less stressful and more joyful.  Topics we will cover include: how to adapt daily routines, sibling rivalry, keeping your infant safe from curious toddlers, toddler regressions, sharing and more! Class size is limited to 6 adults.