Yoga is a unique combination of exercise, meditation and relaxation that benefits women at any stage in life.  Whether you’re a yoga guru or novice we’ve got just the right yoga class for you. Through yoga’s physical postures, or ‘asanas’, you will loosen tight muscles and tone them, lessen joint pain, and increase flexibility. Meditation you’ll learn in yoga class provides every Mom with the tools you need to get through the busy, stressful day.  Take the time for yourself with this holistic approach to working out your physical tensions and calm the mind.

women yogaVinyasa Yoga includes a flowing format of yoga poses linked to breath. From downward dog to your most powerful and beautiful warrior pose- our instructors will take you on a journey. (all are welcome)



women-yoga_300Rock Your Vinyasa Yoga brings more stamina and strength into your yoga routine while moving to music that rocks your Vinyasa!  Perfect way to balance your om and your body.





Prenatal Yoga-Prenatal yoga can provide relief for many of the physical discomforts during pregnancy such as swollen joints, indigestion, fatigue and back pain, especially sciatica. Through the physical postures of pregnancy yoga we build strong muscles and endurance as well as increase flexibility and circulation.