Jessica Lee

Assistant manager, ExploraZone/Childcare Manager

Melissa Breen

Early Childhood Specialist, Director of Children’s Programming & Curriculum

Sue Gutro

Lead Toddler Enrichment, Toddler Instructor

Jen Piepenbrink

Lead Toddler Enrichment, Children’s Events, Bricks4Kidz Instructor

Amy Wallace-Valle

Lead Toddler Enrichment, Music and Dance/Movement Instructor

Melissa Kutchmanich

Children’s Art and Music/Movement Instructor

Shannon Byers

Children’s Music/Movement Instructor

Traci Marino

Children’s Karate Instructor

Kate Youngclaus

Pre/Post Natal Yoga Instructor, Baby Yoga Instructor

Emily Houldcroft

Boot Camp Coach, Master Trainer

Lisa Mazrimus

Get Fit Coach, Master Trainer

Elizabeth Caravallo

Muscular Therapist, Massage Therapist

Cheryl Davis

Muscular Therapist, Massage Therapist

Experienced Group Fitness Staff

Nadine Adams, pilates/mama middle/muscle
Linda Cerone, kickboxing/muscle/tabata
Lynda Damon, muscle/boot camp
Stephanie Fortuna, zumba
Debi Freeman, muscle/boot camp
Jacey Glass, cardio/muscle/kickboxing
Marcela Heffron, yoga/barre/barre babes
Lauren Hendry, boot camp/muscle/dance fitness
Emily Houldcroft, muscle/boot camp
Meghan Hughes, muscle/boot camp/zumba
Stacey Hugues, barre/barre babes/pilates/yoga
Lisa Long, barre/muscle
Susan McGahan, muscle/boot camp
Lisa O’Toole, muscle/tabata/kickboxing
Kristen Regan, muscle/zumba/dance fitness
Becky White, piloxing/muscle/yoga/pilates
Kate Youngclaus, yoga/prenatal yoga

CPR/CORI/Caring Childcare Staff

Katie Bryant
Allison Cibere
Nicole Diaz- assistant Toddler Enrichment Teacher
Heather Deering
Kirsten Iacovino- assistant Toddler Enrichment Teacher
Rebecca Letsche
Paulette Reardon
Kathie Slowey
Keryn Tabak
Cyndi Wormald