Jessica Lee

Assistant manager, ExploraZone/Childcare Manager

Melissa Breen

Early Childhood Specialist, Director of Children’s Programming & Curriculum

Sue Gutro

Lead Toddler Enrichment, Toddler Instructor

Amy Wallace-Valle

Lead Toddler Enrichment, Music and Dance/Movement Instructor

Melissa Kutchmanich

Children’s Art and Music/Movement Instructor

Shannon Byers

Children’s Music/Movement Instructor

Traci Marino

Children’s Karate Instructor

Kate Youngclaus

Pre/Post Natal Yoga Instructor, Baby Yoga Instructor

Lisa Mazrimus

Get Fit/Boot Camp Coach, Master Trainer

Elizabeth Caravallo

Muscular Therapist, Massage Therapist

Cheryl Davis

Muscular Therapist, Massage Therapist

Experienced Group Fitness Staff

Nadine Adams, pilates/mama middle/muscle
Linda Cerone, kickboxing/muscle/tabata
Lynda Damon, muscle/boot camp
Stephanie Fortuna, zumba
Debi Freeman, muscle/boot camp
Jacey Glass, cardio/muscle/kickboxing
Marcela Heffron, yoga/barre/barre babes
Lauren Hendry, boot camp/muscle/dance fitness
Emily Houldcroft, muscle/boot camp
Meghan Hughes, muscle/boot camp/zumba
Stacey Hugues, barre/barre babes/pilates/yoga
Lisa Long, barre/muscle
Susan McGahan, muscle/boot camp
Lisa O’Toole, muscle/tabata/kickboxing
Kristen Regan, muscle/zumba/dance fitness
Becky White, piloxing/muscle/yoga/pilates
Kate Youngclaus, yoga/prenatal yoga

CPR/CORI/Caring Childcare Staff

Katie Bryant
Allison Cibere
Paulette Reardon
Kathie Slowey
Jenn Turner
Lori McGivney
Diana Hall